Seventh-day Adventist Church Guidelines for the use of Tithes

Why and How can I give?

Waynesboro Seventh-day Adventist Online Giving

Where do the donations go to?


For the support of pastors, evangelists, Bible teachers, and administrators. Biblically mandated as 10% of our income.

Local Church Budget

Staff salaries, school operating expenses, children’s magazines, teaching supplies, worthy student fund, church bulletins, utilities, maintenance, insurance, etc. My Personal Giving Plan suggests three to five percent of our income.

Conference Advance

Christian education, local evangelism, Vacation Bible Schools, the monthly Union magazines, summer camps, and much more. My Personal Giving Plan suggests one to two percent of our income.

World Budget

General Conference medical and educational institutions, world mission support, and evangelism. My Personal Giving Plan suggests one to three percent of our income.

Special Projects

Capital campaigns for church or school projects, mission trips, supporting ministries, etc. As God has prospered.